Workplace Wellness

We know wellness in the workplace is multi-dimensional.

It’s not as simple as a cycle to work scheme, or a weekly yoga class. These gestures are great, more than some employers offer, but wellness is broader than that.

It’s recognition that employees may not be operating at optimum efficiency, it’s understanding that the biggest cause of absence from work is now mental health versus physical health and it’s a commitment to looking inwards at what you do offer within your organisation and identifying where there might be an opportunity for progression.

Ultimately, we know that businesses want their employees to do the best work of their lives. It benefits both employer and employee – simply – happier people do better work.

The Coco Collective is designed to deliver bespoke workplace wellness programmes to meet a variety of business needs.

You may already have some activities that sit beneath the umbrella of ‘wellness’, great, we can support in identifying further opportunities and co-ordinate the activation of these for you too.

We are a collective because we know that one individual cannot deliver against the entirety of an organisations needs in the wellness space. Strength in numbers, strength in diversity, strength in a multi-disciplinary offering.

The collective.  

– Yoga teachers

– Breathing technique specialists

– Mindfulness practitioners

– Meditation practitioners

– Sleep specialists

– Nutritionists

– Creative consultants

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