13th Sept – Hatha Yoga MOON Class

MOON: “Connecting back to Stitihi – the unbroken stream of calm”
In a world where we’re asked to be constantly on the move, give yourself the gift of slowing down.
Medicine for the modern mind; this 90 minute class is a deep & nourishing invitation to draw your attention inwards. Working with the subtler dimensions of practice, we’ll access deeper states of awareness to re-establish that connection to the part of yourself that is intrinsically calm.
Simple movement, longer holds, a greater emphasis on the breath; the permission to do less so that you can touch in on that pure space of stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind.
This class is ideal if:
  • You have a busy life or a busy mind
  • You feel anxious or ungrounded
  • You want to invite some stability into your life
  • You’re having trouble sleeping
  • You’re quick to anger/ upset
  • You want to improve concentration/ meditation practice
£15 p/person







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