COCO STUDIO – Breathe, Move, Flow

COCO is a conscious lifestyle brand.

A collective of wellness experts, curated to deliver the COCO wellness vision.

With connection being the very essence of yoga, we aim to Connect and Collaborate with people, businesses and brands who share our passion to live life well.

Created to inspire, inform and influence wellness seeking souls towards practices that are designed to make the feeling of ‘calm’ a  default and dominant state.

COCO STUDIO is our restorative residence.

A studio space in the Lace Market, above Aveda Urban Therapy,

Nottingham City Centre.

A consciously curated sensory sanctuary that engages and and entices the the senses necessary to to promote unadulterated, unapologetic soothing and relaxation.

Carefully selected scents, sympathetic sights and soothing sounds are connected to wellness activities including yoga in varying styles/ intensities, guided meditation, social/community gatherings, sound therapy – delivered via classes and workshops, to name a few of the wellness wonders on offer.

We have carefully selected the products used at our studio from sustainable brands such as Yogi Bare who develops eco-sensitive yoga products and in our opinion, undeniably the best yoga mats.

Our yoga props are all crafted from organic cotton and our selection of plants are selected to help oxygenate and purify the air.

Our studio is currently closed due to COVID restrictions but we are running outdoor classes or you can join The Coco Club online for our Live & On-Demand classes.

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